James A. Jerkowski
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A cryptocurrency information app providing the latest prices, exchange information, and news all in one place.

Tech Stack
  • React
  • Redux
  • Ant Design
  • Coinranking API

Breaking News

A speech-powered news app that provides the latest news articles from top media sources.

Tech Stack
  • React
  • Material-UI
  • Alan AI
  • News API

ExpenseTracker Pro

A speech-powered financial expense and income app that utilizes local storage and data visualization.

Tech Stack
  • React
  • Material-UI
  • Speechly
  • Context API


A personal software development portfolio site built with Next.js to provide better SEO visibility.

Tech Stack
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Styled Components


I've worked with a range of technologies in the web development world, from frontend design to backend deployment.

  • Frontend

    Experience with:
    - React
    - ES6/JavaScript
    - HTML5/CSS3

  • Backend

    Experience with:
    - Node.js/Express
    - MongoDB
    - REST/API

  • UI Frameworks

    Experience with:
    - Material-UI
    - Styled Components
    - Tailwind CSS

About Me

My mission in life is to help the world operate more efficiently and with greater impact by developing tools and systems that promote autonomy, imagination, and prosperity.

With my background in IT and enterprise-level business, I can balance the needs of users and organizations to understand their pain points so I can contribute as a Frontend Developer to solve their problems. I've worked with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and demographics, enabling me to adapt, be flexible, and communicate effectively in the workplace.

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